The International Drone Academy (IDAC) held a lecture and demonstration


On June 27, the International Drone Academy (IDAC) held a lecture and demonstration class for students in the Department of Social Disaster Prevention, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kobe Gakuin University.

During the 90-minute class, after learning the flying principles of the drone, and how to handle the aircraft and the battery, we divided into groups and actually flew. The instructor was Akinori Inoue, the principal, Shotaro Nomura, the chief instructor, and Roberto Reid, the assistant pilot. Everyone was able to fly happily.

During the lecture by Principal Inoue after the flight experience, the main topic of discussion was the “Current situation of drones, future trends, and utilization of drones in disaster response", everyone listened very enthusiastically and asked lively questions.

After the flight training, Principal Inoue said, "I think that disaster prevention using drones is indispensable for students learning disaster prevention. I would like to expand the use of drones to the disaster prevention society through such opportunities." .

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